28 May 2016

"The Common"

The necessity to belong to a place, a community, a cultural or national identity is at the heart of our nature as human beings, is the natural balance of our human existence. Cut off from others and from the whole, we simply atrophy.

At TEDxTirana 2016 we aim to deepen our individual and collective sense of the common (in terms of place, connection and culture) through bold and engaging talks from visionary individuals.

Some of the questions we are aiming to investigate deeper are: Can one be an individual and part of a collective at the same time? Are we able to manage individualism in the wider framework of the collective? How capable are we Albanians to modernize, yet to safeguard our shared values and cultural identity?

TEDxTirana 2016



"The Common"


The Common: “Which Way Does The Wind Blow?”

April, 2016

“Nga Fryn Era?”/ “Which Way Does The Wind Blow?” besides an invitation to play with the windmills, is an urban provocation, a reaction towards the phenomenon of turning the city-transformation in a political battle field. Skenderbeg Square is the emblematic case of a victim of changing its configuration each time the political wing changes. It look like the square is “anxious” to understand in “which way will the wind blow” this time, in order to understand its fate. This is a repeated history in Tirana, in the case of the overpass at Zogu i Zi, of the Piramida building, of the New Boulevard at the ex-Railway Station, and more. The paper windmills that turn according to the wind are the embodiment of the conformism, of the absence of the sense of belonging, and the citizens’ indifference towards public space. On the other hand, it is a reaction towards the lack of the will to involve multiple voices in the decision making processes of the transformation of public space.


The Common: “Urban Playground”

6 Maj, 2016

" Pjeter Bogdani road (in the former Bllok) will be closed for cars and will be transformed in an urban playground. A variety of games is our invitation to rediscover the pleasure to play in the street. This is a counter-reaction to the alienation of the character of the streets in Tirana. Today, they are not any more a place to socialize, but a space in the city exclusively dedicated to the cars. During the event, there will be music and gifts for the winners of the games. "


The Common: “Tirana art”

14 Maj, 2016

" Express on the canvas the emotions that living in Tirana gives you every day. This painting does not start in a white canvas, it starts in a transparent one, where your brushes will merge in the reality you see through it. It is an invitation to accept Tirana as it is, with its good and hard features. It is an invitation to show willingness to improve it jointly. Everyone should have a voice in our collective canvas, we are all the artists of this ‘piece of art’! It is our home, we own it! It needs to be seen with gentle eyes. Transparent canvas frames will be placed at various points of Tirana. Professional painters and the citizens will be painting the urban landscape they see through the transparent canvas and their imagination. You will be able to find these paintings in a surprising way in the big event of TEDxTirana entitled ‘THE COMMON’. "

TEDx Tirana

2016 Performers


Shpat Deda

2016 TEDx Tirana Performers

Shpat Deda is a critically acclaimed singer songwriter based in Prishtina, Kosovo. Shpat's music is defined by a very naked and personal account of his life experiences, featuring lyrics that talk about love, despair, society and hope, all delivered over a mix of mellow and playful tunes with intertwined elements of folk, pop, rock, funk and jazz. His first album entitled "Molla e Parë" (The first apple) was launched in the summer of 2010 and features songs and videos that have received a number of prestigious awards, including two awards for best new-coming artist, five best video awards and a nomination for the album of the year in Tirana, Albania. The album also features tracks that have become number one hits in various Kosovar and Albanian music charts. His second album entitled "Shkendijë" (Spark) was launched in the summer of 2014 and features material that has already won two best video awards and has topped music charts in Kosovo and Albania. In both of his albums, Shpat has maintained a consistency of delivering powerful lyrics with a unique and original sound and has managed to establish himself as one of the most important singer-songwriters of his generation. Shpat Deda will be performing in TedXTirana on the 28th of May 2016 with an intimate and acoustic setup, inviting the audience on an emotional journey full of love and life.


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