TEDxTirana Salon Women

December, 2013

TEDxTirana Salon is s local, independently organized event in Tirana that strives to create the unique experience found at TED. At its core, TEDxTirana's fundamental goal is to foster and spread great ideas and meaningful work as well as to provide a platform where thinkers and fascinating teacher females will be inspired and will inspire others. This event would focus on how women and girls are reshaping the future and beyond sharing hidden histories and the great breadth and diversity of women's work and creativity, accomplishments and insights, the event brings gender into focus in many other ways. It will feature five talks from local speakers, sharing insights on diverse topics. If there is a through line that connects them all, it is that each spoke from the knowledge that comes from lived experience and that each, on some level, is a story of self-invention We want people to be uniquely aware of women's issues and how they affect everyone. The diverse group of people present will be able to learn from one another, both as speakers and as attendees, and will leave the conference driven to creatively improve our collective future.


TEDxTirana Boundaries Passion Vision

Prill, 2013

" Tirana, carries in its centennial DNA the multitude of shades, colors, smells and melodious echoing of its past; from its Ottoman influence to its communist architecture, from the ancient Illyrian roots to the nowadays duality between modernism and tradition. Tirana, in its sassiness and spiciness of a Balkan capital, embraces all sort of political, religious, ethnic and cultural communities, which makes it beautifully diverse to experience but equally challenging to survive it. Among all this, in Tirana there is art, creativity, ingenuity, and passion that manages to pour out of its concrete armored neighborhoods and create positive change. With the energy of almost 1.0 million inhabitants, TEDxTirana aims to bring to the surface all the thinkers and doers that give life to Tirana's Ideas Worth Spreading. Passion is the only driving force that brings TEDx to Tirana, and let it be passion the only driving force to make its IDEAS echo beyond its borders."