TEDx Tirana: Profound Reflections

5 September, 2015

Profound reflections require depth and truthfulness, courage and commitment, which in turn require humility, authenticity, criticality, lucidity and most importantly honesty. It is the very formation of such simple concepts, which can lead to openings of fresh new views and understandings to the complexities of what one is and would be. Profound reflections mean courage in thinking!!!


TEDxTirana : Salon "BooksOn"

June, 2015

TEDxTiranaSalon is a set of intimate and interactive events designed to bring together local TEDx community and engage our TEDx audience between the main TEDxTirana events each year. "Books On" would be a Salon focusing in exploring new ideas for books and readers in the digital age.

TEDxTiranaSalon will have four well-reputable speakers from a variety of backgrounds but that in a way relate to the theme. The panelists are thought to be: Edmond Tupja, Blendi Salaj, Ened Mato and Agim Beci.

TEDxTiranaSalon will bring together TEDx fans and as well people interested to the subject matter. The audience will be mosaic and as vibrant as the speakers invited, with participants from the academia, the business world, NGOs, media, and positive change agents. The audience would be based on invitations and signing-up bases. The event will be structured as a panel discussion where four panelists would discus the intersection of traditional books and technology and how are books being redefined by innovation.


TEDx Tirana: Salon "Youth and Innovation"

May, 2015

TEDxTirana Salon is a local, independently organized event in Tirana that strives to create the unique experience found at TED. At its core, TEDxTirana's fundamental goal is to foster and spread great ideas and meaningful work as well as to provide a platform where thinkers and fascinating teachers will be inspired and will inspire others. TEDxTirana Salon would focus on how youngsters are shaping the future and beyond by sharing hidden histories and the great breadth and diversity of their work and creativity, accomplishments and insights. It will feature 4 talks from local and international speakers, who will share with the audience the knowledge that comes from lived experiences and that each, on some level, would be a story of self-invention. The diverse group of people present will be able to learn from one another, both as speakers and as attendees, and will leave the conference driven to creatively improve our collective future.