16 September 2017


Free yourself from the burden of layers. Layers of skin, cognitive biases, political views, the space between your thoughts, your interpretation of order and chaos, your preconceived truths… Remove them one by one, and amid this heavenly nakedness, reconnect with your own true self. NAKED!

TEDxTirana 2017

2017 Performers


Hélène Legay

2017 Performer

Hélène Legay is a London-based marketer and singer-songwriter. Passionate about tech for good, she joined Qarnot computing, a startup that reuses the heat generated by servers for free home heating, before graduating from Sciences Po Paris in 2015. She has co-founded the French branch of DemocracyOS, an online platform for deliberation and voting on political proposals. Fascinated by the Balkans, she has interned for the EU in Albania and is one of the co-founders of TEDxTirana in 2013.


"No one is too young to change the world"


"No one is too young to change the world”

22 March, 2017

An activity organized in collaboration with the Embassy of the US, to inspire and to be inspired by young people.