The Common: “Tirana art”


The Common: “WE ART TIRANA”

6 May, 2016

" Express on the canvas the emotions that living in Tirana gives you every day. This painting does not start in a white canvas, it starts in a transparent one, where your brushes will merge in the reality you see through it. It is an invitation to accept Tirana as it is, with its good and hard features s. It is an invitation to show willingness to improve it jointly. Everyone should have a voice in our collective canvas, we are all the artists of this ‘piece of art’! It is our home, we own it! It needs to be seen with gentle eyes. Transparent canvas frames will be placed at various points of Tirana. Professional painters and the citizens will be painting the urban landscape they see through the transparent canvas and their imagination. You will be able to find these paintings in a surprising way in the big event of TEDxTirana entitled ‘THE COMMON’. "